Blockchain Engineer, Rollups



About EigenLabs

EigenLabs is more than just a leading name in the blockchain space. We’re the driving force behind EigenLayer, a game-changing restaking platform scaling Ethereum\'s security to the entire crypto ecosystem, as well as EigenDA, a hyperscale DA platform for Ethereum rollups.

The vision of EigenDA is simple: Imagine a world where blockchain projects break free from the shackles of the scaling trilemma. In today\'s blockchain ecosystem, each service is typically secured by its own tokenized trust-network. With EigenDA, rollups can build upon the established security of the Ethereum trust network, without sacrificing scalability, security or decentralization.


As a Blockchain Engineer you will leverage your skills and knowledge of decentralized systems to create technologies that power the world’s most innovative crypto projects. Rollups are an incredibly complex software category, and they will be key to how all blockchains scale. Your efforts building integrations onto EigenDA, and generating technical buzz around it, will directly impact the success of the project.

This is an opportunity to work with the biggest projects in crypto, as rollups become the scaling strategy for Ethereum. In this role, you’ll also be sent to conferences to participate in panels and give talks, so it’s a chance to lend your voice to shape the future of blockchain technology.

If you’re looking to collaborate with a talented team of engineers, driving innovation and inventing groundbreaking technologies, we look forward to hearing from you!


  • Collaborate with Researchers/Engineers to support design and development of blockchain technologies such as rollup frameworks, built to run cloud services with their own infrastructure
  • Create node operator tools that are capable of launching to different types of validator environments 
  • Constantly research/learn new concepts, ideas, and frameworks 
  • Proactively contribute to discussions about technical issues, sprint and roadmap planning, and improving team processes
  • Engage in the team design/code reviews, standups, and agile development processes


  • A thorough understanding of blockchain technology, as well as rollups and scaling technologies.
  • BS in Computer Science or related technical field (e.g., physics or mathematics)
  • 3+ years of backend distributed systems experience 
  • Full life cycle development with Go
  • Exposure to cloud technologies (managing keys and/or bootstrapping AWS environments)
  • Experience developing applications optimized for deployment and management via microservices
  • Experience with highly scalable P2P networks 
  • Track record of successfully delivering complex and high-scale software systems


  • Familiarity with blockchain tech and concepts such as; cryptography, polynomial commitments, signature schemes, hash functions, erasure codes, multi-threaded and parallel computing
  • Ability to integrate smart contracts
  • Experience with Liquid Staking or Node Operations platforms

EigenLabs provides various employee benefits, including: 

  • Employer-covered Medical, Dental, and Vision plans
  • 401k 
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • 12 weeks of fully paid maternity and paternity leave